Party at Carnaval Court

Carnaval Court las vegas

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One of the venues with most tradition in Las Vegas:
Carnaval Court at Harrah’s, by definition, is a big party.

Carnaval court is one of the most iconic bars on the Las Vegas Strip, here you will find a crowd in a relax and casual environment and yes Sir, ready to have a great time!
This open-air street party in the center of the Strip has been one of the great go-to party spots for more than a decade.
Flair bartenders las vegas
At any given time at this outdoor bar you’ll find live bands performing covers of party tunes, DJ”s spinning music live and flair bartenders flipping bottles. Of course, you’ll also find the full complement of Vegas partiers having drinks, dancing and just acting crazy.

This is a very cool outdoor bar loaded with fun for everybody that want to have fun, and the gamblers are not left out, this bar accommodates poker and blackjack tables very well distributed all around the bar, so you can gamble while at the same time you are being part of the biggest party on the Strip.

carnaval court party

Souvenir and T-shirt carts, food stands — pretty much everything that makes up a festive street fair is found here. Put it all together and the crazy party of Carnaval Court can challenge the thrills of the world’s most exciting street.

Monday thru Sunday: 11:00 AM to 3:00 AM

Payment info:
Cash and credit cards.

Free parking at the hotel. Valet parking available.

Admission: Free

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