Goldstrike Hot Springs Trail

goldstrike hot springs trail

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This hike is one of a kind, Goldstrike trail is a strenuous hike with awesome sights along this beautiful trails,through a wonderful canyon to some hot springs pools.

This great hike runs down a narrow, rocky canyon to a series of hot springs and several hot pools that beg for a good soak during cooler weather.The hike is near Lake Mead. The trail-head is located a half-mile past the Hoover Dam lodge hotel in Boulder City– just before the Hoover Dam. You will hike through a picturesque slot canyon with towering walls on each side.
This is a beautiful hike, You really will feel like you are somewhere else. it’s a nice escape from the city.
The hike is a bit tricky…involves a bit of bouldering, and you have to hang onto ropes that had already been placed for you at a few spots.

There are some hot springs along the way. Many people bring their suits with them to soak and chill. If you pass them, you’ll make it to the Colorado River where you can get to a nice big rock and relax with a view.
There’s a lot of deep sandy areas so for someone who does not enjoy hiking or maybe isn’t in the greatest for the someone who doesn’t have moderate endurance.
It’s a beautiful walk, with a lot of things to see, small areas of shade, wet soil with lots of plants, and small caves along the way.

If you want a full body workout this is the hike to do
Length: 6.5 miles / 10.5 kml
Time: 5 hours round trip

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